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Felix still wanted to become an accountant, but given his uncertain immigration status, could he really make it to college? But Brad knew about a program at Nevada State College called Nepantla, specifically designed for first-generation college students. Felix applied and was accepted into the program on a scholarship. He started the academically rigorous program right after high school graduation but quickly wondered if he was in over his head.

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With few other academic resources, Felix sought help from Brad. Brad continued to inform his school supervisors of the situation, but eventually, they told him that it was no longer necessary because Felix had graduated. Felix had long thought of Brad as a paternal figure, telling friends that Brad was like a father to him. And in that first year of college, Brad and his husband, Karl, started to see Felix as a son.

So in January, Karl and Brad invited Felix to live with them. Now, Felix calls them his dads. Lawyers have advised them to wait to reopen the case until the political climate becomes less hostile toward undocumented immigrants. They are the third most common immigrant group in the state, according to the American Immigration Council.

Felix immigrated at a time when the U. Many left El Salvador for similar reasons as Felix. In Nevada, about 5.

The Best Mentor You Can Find is Up to You!

There are such students in CCSD schools now. After immigrating, children may also face stress and pressure at home. They might not find themselves at a high school with as many resources as the one Felix attended, and they might not meet a mentor and advocate like Brad. It was also his exceptional grit, dedication and love for learning. Felix himself is a little more modest. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada this month rolled out a soft launch of a transit service called Trip to Strip, an on-demand ride service that promises no surge pricing.

The service, which runs around the clock, can take passengers to and from locations along the Strip and extends to McCarran International Airport and the Las Vegas Convention Center. Courtesy of RTC. The service is designed more for those traveling in a party—the Ford Transit vans seat up to 11—but single riders can also use it, too.

As with Uber and Lyft, riders must download a mobile app to request the service. The price for a ride depends on the number of passengers and distance. I promise you that lounges will be the same way. Those without a state license to sell cannabis would be allowed to seek permits for off-site lounges starting in The city did, however, receive its first special-use permit application request for a lounge May 16, according to a city spokesman. Marijuanarelated items can be sold at lounges, but not marijuana products. If law enforcement finds alcohol at a lounge, the.

We have to gain social acceptance and alleviate the fears that people have, just like we did with cannabis legalization. Oasis Cannabis was founded in Sun file. Publisher Mark De Pooter mark. Moon Reed cindi.

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Call or email advertising gmgvegas. For customer service questions, call Now in the seventh year of his House of Blues residency, Santana says he first conceptualized a record of African music almost 20 years ago but waited for these key players—and the music itself—to arrive organically. Grab your suit and find out. Tuesday-Saturday, p. ThursdaySaturday, 8 p. Cue up your taste buds for the 15th-annual barbecue challenge, as vendors and competitors from all over the country bring their best ribs, chicken and fixings to Boulder City.

Friday, p. Headlining shows from Janet Jackson and Bruno Mars. DJ residencies from Questlove and Mark Ronson. Is this the most soulful spot on the Strip?

Actually, a lot of people come to my party from Vegas every month. She broke through as a DJ around 10 years ago and started dropping mixtapes including her own original music in And her stuff goes down super-smooth.

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And we do make our sets a bit have been having quite the time popping into our more punchy because of the destination. They recently bepeople there who are not so familiar with us, but at the came one of the first announced residencies at new Palms same time we are growing into the place and feel very venue KAOS, which is pretty much as Vegas as it gets. Beyond festival and company. May 24, 11 a. KAOS, This is not a half-assed thing.

Expect things to get funky. As far as big Las Vegas weekends go, Memorial Day is an especially anticipated one. The transition is important. And once you start winding down at KAOS, your server or host will make sure dinner is set up for you at your next stop. The first, ongoing since the Great Recession, is the migration of Strip talent away from the tourist corridor; in this instance, a former Cosmopolitan chef has resurfaced in the friendly confines of a suburban strip mall.

Town Center Drive , Tuesday-Friday, p. That redefinition translates into a laidIts creators, entrepreneurs Bryant Jane back, nonsmoking environment and a menu Hardway 8 and Lyle Cervenka, are best known for refeaturing inventive drinks like the Scarlet 46 S.

Water St. Daily, Beet Duke tequila and beet juice and launching the retro lounge Starboard Tack 11 a. The team played hoops in the venue from the and gourmet cheeseburgers.

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Some secrets are too good to keep. Rosina at the Palazzo, an intimate lounge perfect for quiet rendezvous and refined cocktails, has a big one: an off-the-books menu that riffs on classics such as juleps and Old Fashioneds. Right now, Rosina offers five modern variations of the Manhattan, that beloved cocktail made of whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters that dates all the way back to the s. The Last Fortress, for example, is crafted with reposado tequila, sweet vermouth, banana liqueur and aguardiente. The banana flavor is subtle but bright, with the vermouth providing the familiar flavor profile.

Heck-Fire, made with mezcal, Jamaican rum, blanc vermouth, green chartreuse and a lemon twist, is a tricky one: It might look light and smooth, but it packs a punch going down. Rosina, imbued with art deco glamour and opulence, nimbly navigates the classics while offering bold takes for those with a more adventurous streak. The menu in the personcapacity space is sparse on purpose.

February 1999

The idea is to start a conversation with the expert behind the bar. May 24, 8 p. Bunkhouse Saloon, Loose toured with the band off-and-on, but when his condition worsened, Flipper sought out none other than David Yow—the incensedsounding madman behind influential noise-rock bands Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard—for its 40th anniversary tour. Some people might be surprised to know that you were born in Las Vegas. How long did you live here? Less than two years.

I think we moved away when I was 22 months old.

TOUTS -- 1999

Have you ever played Vegas? The Huntridge? I was so excited. Steve [DePace], the drummer from Flipper, happened to be in the audience, and at the time they were looking for a singer to do [some] shows.

Secrets Of Living The Good Life--For Less!, First Edition

Thomas tells a story about a reporter asking him his all-time coaching record. I will continue to keep all of you in Florida in my thoughts and prayers during these series of hurricanes, for your safety. Kerry and President Clinton but for me, you have really gone over the line with your narrow-minded comments about Rep. Friendly's clam plate is still the best. Any attempted use of recording devices will result in immediate removal from the theater, forfeiture, and may subject you to criminal and civil liability. Gene J. I don't remember them having penny candy.

Flipper was extremely important to me, very influential to me and my friends and everybody I made music with. The idea of singing with Flipper just seems like I get to be queen for a day. How did you end up singing with Flipper?’s success for independent hotels

Las Vegas is full of free and ridiculously cheap stuff―one just needs to know where to look. Cheap Bastard's™ Guide to Las Vegas: Secrets Of Living The Good Life--For Less! . This book was in the trash less than an hour after receiving it. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Yes, you heard it right: Las Vegas is full of free and The Cheap Bastard's Guide to Las Vegas: Secrets of Living the Good Life The Cheap Bastard's Guide to Las Vegas: Secrets of Living the Good Life--For Less! Kindle . The cover says "secrets of living the good life for less".

Does knowing that original Flipper singer Bruce Loose is still around add any pressure when you perform? FLAG May 25, 8 p.

Catch original Black Flag frontman Keith Morris leading the hardcore icons through their beloved early material. I was told that he at first was really kind of pissed off and he thought that I was mimicking him or ripping him off or something, because I put posts on social media about cats. So, in no way am I trying to reproduce anything that Bruce may have done. I want to do this stuff as if I was a member of the band instead of trying to be a Flipper cover band. For more of this interview, visit lasvegasweekly.