Here Comes Petrowski, but Where Is Riff?

“Here Comes Petrowski, but Where Is Riff?” by Michael Schae— Being True to Oneself
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Promised myself I would keep the creative train rolling while touring the US playing drums for nimvind and argylegoolsby. Just a couple fellas celebrating our first factorcanada grant. Also going to play music in a bit. Come get lost in the backpacks. Playing some tunes at arcticfoxkitsilano this eve. Event is swing bye.

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Come thither? Following a notorious performance at the Berlin Jazztage , it was technically the pianist's first recording as a leader. The GUO had a few periods of hiatus in lean economic times during the s and s, but despite change and loss have persevered as an ensemble since their inception. Globe Unity - 40 Years is their 17th recording; it is also quite possibly the final recording of trombonist Paul Rutherford, a longtime member of the orchestra who passed away in The Globe Unity Orchestra of looks a little different than the earlier line-ups—bassists are absent, for the only two who could hold that chair, Peter Kowald and the criminally underrated Buschi Niebergall, have since died.

The title track is clearly written around the Schlippenbach-Lovens-Evan Parker trio, who after a punchy collective beginning and a momentary rise in density, emerge as the primary voice. Parker's tenor saxophone is a picture of commitment to phrases and scales, hanging onto and extrapolating the folk dances of piano and drums. Trombonist George Lewis, who has followed Anthony Braxton's membership as an AACM figure in the orchestra since the s, solos unaccompanied and in a firestorm trio with Lovens and altoist Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky—frenzied and searing madness that recalls some of the high-octane playing of the FMP heyday.

It's a reference to if not lifted entirely from pianist Burton Greene, who has made his home in Holland since the late s. Trumpeter Manfred Schoof is poised in his series of trills and bell-clear runs, sallying over wispy percussive accompaniment and in counterpoint with the leader. There's a ham-fisted take on Gypsy music that leads into a collective improvisation, Gerd Dudek's gruff post-bop saxophone keen tearing out from under, only to be swallowed again. Mahall and trombonist Johannes Bauer joust in trio with the pianist; Mahall's painstaking solo architecture is a studied advance on Eric Dolphy, and runs in direct counter to the borderline obnoxious paint-peeling of his predecessor in the group, Luxembourgian Michel Pilz.

Though relegated mostly to collective improvisation, the tune is a fantastic and humorous take on the South African kwela themes used by contemporaries the Brotherhood Of Breath, as well as German parade music and who knows what else. Here, it's also a vehicle for the blistering tailgate of Jeb Bishop and torrents of multiphonics from Petrowsky. Dudek inhabits the composer's horn amiably, his clear tone carrying the traditional melody into a spirited horns-only fanfare.

Mahall digs in over the rhythm section, turning birdsong into sqawks as the tune's character shifts from winsome melody to a contrapuntal conflagration. Schlippenbach and Lovens take the reins in knotty dialogue following Lewis' dissertation on flicked facility, arcing exhortations and subtonal discoveries.

The closing title is apt: part of running an orchestra is hammering out structure from fifteen very individual creative minds. But the longevity of the band is a testament to the true cooperative nature of the effort.

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Now nearly forty-two years on, the feral intensity of Globe Unity has been replaced with a clear handle on a collective lexicon. Februar Brass outnumbers reeds two to one. Jeb Bishop and George Lewis are the American emissaries, an intriguing made practically transcendental by the addition of Paul Rutherford and Johannes Bauer to the ranks. The gatefold photo-op of all fifteen men in performance formation is an awesome sight.

Grand anthemic gestures punctuate solo passages from several band members, which in turn lead to a bracing exchange between Mahall and Bauer. A circular Parker soprano sortie primes the audience for a tension-thick slow simmer close. The first brings the cultural collision of its title to practice in humorous fashion and once again Breuker comes to mind as Bishop and Perowsky compete for woolliest, most unhinged improvisation. Wheeler and Rutherford devise diametric solos on the second, trumpet dealing in soaring ballad elegance while trombone doles out a nail-studded retort flanked by the drummers.

Four decades in the can for the GUO, if only we might be privy to four more! Derek Taylor, www. Duncan Heining, Jazzwise, London, March Bill Meyer, Downbeat, May E per festeggiare le quaranta candeline, Schlippenbach e soci hanno fatto le cose in grande. Globe Unity forty years and forever! April Guillaume Bellhommee, Inrock, France, Mai Globe Unity Orchestra's life-line closely follows that of my own. With forty years behind our belts, we can both say we're older, a little wiser, perhaps a little bit more confused [but that's hitting things on a more personal note].

It brings us right to that heavenly court with the multitudes who stand before God's throne praising him.

Finally, think also of its placement in the Mass, just before we receive him in Holy Communion, we praise him, the Lamb once slain, for all he has done for us, especially as he comes to us to feed us with his body and blood. Peace, Fr. Gospel of John - Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. Saturday, October 5th pm - Fr.

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Can holiness somehow be understood apart from this lively recognition of the dignity of each human being? However, the film project did proceed, and the selected film script was an opportunity to feature Paderewski. Based on the banks of the Roseau River, just south of St. His impact on contemporary music continues to grow. This is to put the cart before the horse with a vengeance: some free jazz players might have found a niche during the Cold War, but that is hardly reason to wax nostalgic about nuclear standoffs and the Stasi! Antonina, executor of Ignacy's will, decided to donate these personal possessions to the Museum, as well as artifacts from his apartment in New York. Distribution: National Film Board of Canada.

Huntington Brueggemann F. East Northport M. Connell F. Who is anointed at this sacrament? Anyone who is elderly, anyone who is seriously ill, anyone going for an operation, anyone who is mentally ill, are among those who are anointed. We invite those in our community who are "sick" in any way to join us for this most powerful Sacrament.

This program is a warm and wonderful faith-based option for families who have a child with special needs.

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We offer a Special Needs Mass once a month on Saturday evenings. Afterwards we serve pizza to bring together the community. The Mass has a highly inclusive atmosphere--where all are made to feel welcome.

On Saturday mornings, once monthly from AM to 12 Noon, children are paired with a trained adult or teenage volunteer to play games, participate in activities such as yoga and music, and in general—make friends and have fun! Each session is unique and includes something extra-special: crafts, visits from Santa, a BBQ and Luau, balloon animals, and much more. This program offers socialization opportunities for the children.

Here Comes Petrowski, But Where Is Riff?

The children in the program range from age 4 to 54, but all are welcome. Trained Special Education professionals head this committee for Parish Social Ministry and participate at each event. Please contact Maria Ryan at mryan olqmparish. There are no funerals at this time. The Diocesan Catholic Ministries Appeal is underway.

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