Bees in the City: The urban beekeepers handbook

Your Customized Beginner’s Guide to Urban Backyard Beekeeping
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Backyard beekeeping is gaining popularity as more people want to help bees and other pollinators survive. But starting a bee colony is not as easy as just putting a hive on your property, there are things that need to be considered before you start your beekeeping journey.

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Beehives can be kept on a small property or large property. While rural beekeepers can set up a bee yard on their property, many urban beekeepers set up beehives on their rooftops so the bees can come and go uninterrupted. Regardless of where you set up your hives, you need to be sure they can find adequate food to forage, have access to water and have a clear flight path.

Urban Bees: An Eagle Scout Project on Beekeeping in Los Angeles

Avoid costly rookie mistakes with our free beekeeping guide: Raise Bees in Your Backyard. Download our FREE guide today.

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Just a few years ago this would have been an odd question to ask your insurance agent, but not today. Many insurance companies are allowing beehives and cover liability that occurs, just as they would cover liability from a pet. Most cities and counties have ordinances about what type of animals and livestock are allowed on your property.

Counties, especially rural counties, are more likely to have specific ordinances that pertain to beekeeping. Some states have limits on how many hives you can have before you have to register your apiary and have it inspected. There are many bee varieties and some do better in various areas than others. Talk with other local beekeepers and with your county extension agent to find out what bees do well your area.

The surest, but most expensive, way to get bees is to buy a nucleus nuc colony of bees from a local beekeeper. A nuc is basically a bee colony in a temporary hive. There are usually four to five frames and the bees are working and acclimated to your climate.

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Packaged bees come in a wooden box with screened sides and are mailed to you. This will help you locate her. Urban BeeKeeping. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share!

The Beginner’s Guide to Urban Beekeeping

Rocky Mountain Land Library. Book Description Guardian Books, As an inner city school many of the pupils do not have access to gardens themselves, so the bees provide an important contact with nature for them…. Over the last few years, there have been many books addressing the worldwide decline of pollinator species, and few better than the Xerces Society Guide, Attracting Native Pollinators. But there is no doubt that urban beekeeping must go hand in hand with increasing forage in towns and cities. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Yes, bad beekeeping is to blame for unwanted urban swarms

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