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A walk in the park. But the park is on fire
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Overview and Menu What to test? From a design-build point of view, they are really very similar to what we make for our visitors - they have a purpose, they have a space, there is presumably a budget and time-line and ultimately, they have to work and stay working A few weeks ago, I got a letter from our local community council informing us that a meeting had taken place about the imminent arrival of our long-awaited new park - they informed us that the crucial decision had been taken after much debate , to make it out of wood, rather than plastic I re-read it but no, there was no more info; no info on what size it was, where it was going, who it was targetted at, what it would have in it, whether there would be a safety gate, whether there would be parking and so on - but it would definitely be made out of wood.

I'm not privy to how they came to this wonderful conclusion but it got me thinking about how parks are put together and whether there's anything we can learn from them. To my risk-identifying eyes, the most stand-out thing about parks and park equipment is their strength. These guys don't bugger about - they know what they need and they build it ten times stronger than that.

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I imagine there was never a conversation in which someone said "I'd like hidden fixings". Of course, nobody is celebrating parks for their design and that does differentiate them from what we're doing but it's a point worth noting.

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Planning a trip to Disney? An avid photographer, in , Julie began making custom canvases from photos she had taken of pets, places and people. From his first pet hamster Alf, to his first dogs, a Border Collie Shepherd cross named Patches and a Poodle Terrier cross named Molly, numerous cats Sher Khan, Shiloh, and Xander , and his current dog, a wonderfully neurotic old pug cross named Chiquita that loves children more than anything. Publisher: Focus Home Interactive. Sign of the Times. To view reviews within a date range, please click and drag a selection on a graph above or click on a specific bar.

Function and Aesthetic are often in battle sometimes unnecessarily and in the case of an object that has serious potential for harm a long slide or a round-about I've rarely seen a park that looks like it was recently serviced with one very obvious exception where the swings worked beautifully and the applied grease was clear to see and so we should probably assume that the bulk of the mechanical elements in parks are hardly ever serviced, if at all. This is a follow-on from above.

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There are clearly a number of companies making park equipment but whether it's soft play indoors, or parks outdoors, they basically use a small set of materials. They're a tad garish but they work. Indoors, we seem to be cladding steel in foam or PVC - lots of it, everywhere.

Outside we're either using large bits of timber or framing things with various super-tough engineering plastics like 2-colour HDPE. Slides and other things are steel which is either welded or has nice big fixings through it. Of course, there's a good helping of galv steel or aluminium framework. It's a standard fare but it works and it ticks all of their boxes. In our sector we want to expand what we use, we're desperate to find new materials and re-purpose old materials but it's probably good to just keep one eye on what you see at the park - it's pretty well proven, it lasts and it's CHEAP.

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With my wee one, the park is basically about the swings. In fact, as I've stood in the 'swing queue' behind a line of parents as they are pacifying random children with words to the effect of: "don't worry pal, it's your turn soon, let the little boy finish", I have often wondered why they don't just put more swings in these places. Of course, some do. The key here for me is this: if you know swings are good, why fight it?

A Walk in the Park

Yeh sure, put in the new and cool climbing frame pirate-ship slide puzzle assault course, but make sure you've put plenty of your budget to swings. Most parks seem to have a target audience and in some cases this is nicely separated. Now, of course, most of our educational offerings are targetted and targetted very specifically but what I find interesting is the way they deal or in fact, don't deal, with the safety aspect of this:. Taking this a step further I see that all the manufacturers are keen to point out their adherence to the various standards for their equipment.

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I'm still a little surprised by a few things. Being totally honest, there is no way that we would get away with some of the enormous risks that play equipment presents in our museums and galleries. Risk 2m open drop - I mean it's not great.

Potential for risk If it doesn't happen, I'll be staggered Design features to minimise risk We're putting bark on the ground. Features to miminse risk at runtime We say on the website that the park is for 5yr olds and up Then there are trampolines But whilst this is all routine and slightly disturbing, in many ways I can see the that the function of the objects relies on these things, to some very loose extent. What is possibly more alarming is the features which are simply book 1, page 1 of 'building things for kids' and frankly I'm pretty astonished that someone is making them and making them in bulk.

At a park we go to quite a bit, there is a swing pentagon - where all the swings point towards the centre. Come for coffee after and relax after an enjoyable healthy walk. Please be on time because the walk starts promptly at the scheduled time. Please contact walk leader if you plan to be late. Parking at the park, or on street, or at the back of Trader Joe's parking. Mary Pees and Frank Parker will be the host for these walks.

Walk in the Park

Come along and walk for exercise and health and some good conversation along the way. NOTE: please sign up for walk directly thru the announcement you receive, and not by private messaging the walk leaders or emailing them. You must be signed up on website to attend. If you sign up to walk, please be sure to cancel your RSVP if you can't make it so no one winds up alone when expecting you.

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